Through GATE ENERGY, we inaugurated in 2019 the chemical laboratory with the aim of supporting consulting activities through the execution of analytical plans, both mandatory for authorization and legislative purposes, and for a better understanding and improvement of our clients business plans.

Thanks to the creation of this cutting-edge facility at the Technopolo of Gironico, we have positioned ourselves with greater impact in environmental analysis field, looking with responsibility and innovation towards a sustainable future. HBJ Group management has reached this milestone with professionalism and tenacity.


Our team boasts significant and consolidated know-how in the diagnosis and implementation of production systems and processes and integrates multidisciplinary skills that allow us to offer technological and scientific support to companies in favor of sustainability and environmental protection.

«Our clients need not only competent laboratories in technical execution of analyses,» says Alberto Baj, founder of GATE ENERGY, «but also a responsible interpretation of results and guidance in the environmental monitoring programs management.»


The activities we carry out in our laboratory are essentially divided into three macro-areas.


  • Evaluation of the chemical-physical and organoleptic characteristics
  • Evaluation degree of purity (FTIR, GC-MS, HPLC, …)
  • Identification and quantification of active and functional ingredients
  • Detection and quantification of impurities, undesiderable and from degradation substances
  • Verification of conformity to technical specifications
  • Verification of contamination by undeclared or unacceptable chemicals 
  • Verification of contamination by asbestos and mineral fibre
  • Heavy metal analysis


  • Chemical analysis, sampling and environmental monitoring: 
  • Drinking, waste and process water, groundwater
  • Asbestos 
  • Emissions 
  • Waste, End of waste, By-products 
  • Soils
  • Legionella
  • Acoustic impact


  • Studies to support product claims
  • Studies of accelerated ageing
  • Packaging compatibility and release studies
  • Studies for the realization of Technical Data Sheets 
  • Efficacy studies of preservative and antimicrobial systems
  • Development and validation of Test Methods and Control Specifications
  • Support tests for process validation plans


GATE ENERGY is a company specialized in:
  • Heavy metals Test,
  • Classification of waste and soils,
  • Assessment of air emissions and water discharges,
  • Analysis of raw materials and materials in general.
It provides businesses and public bodies with services aimed at the correct application of regulations and corporate policies in environmental protection, safety, quality, industrial hygiene, and risk management field. Characterized by a strong connection to Larian territory, it carries forward the mission of proposing itself as a reference point to guarantee specialized consulting services in the diagnostic and implementation systems phases, as well as improvement plans for the effectiveness and efficiency of production processes. The goal of GATE ENERGY is to support clients in environmental protection with particular attention to the toxicological and ecological aspects of industrial productions. GATE ENERGY is a certified company ISO 9001 and UNI PdR 125


The well-known passion for art of Alberto and Donatella has led to a unique “cross-contamination” of art in the realization of the laboratory headquarters. At the entrance, you can admire the large mural created by Francesco Baj and Elena Pazzagli, which combines colors and symbolic quotes to evoke the activities and discoveries of Alessandro Volta in a modern and emotional context. From the entrance and in all the rooms of the laboratory, there are works by various artists in a setting curated with the support of Giuliano Malimpensa, master of the forms and three-dimensional proportions of the products. Paintings and sculptures are arranged dynamically with the intent of giving beauty and artistic communication a role of attraction and dialogue with the staff and visitors, preferring works that symbolize post-consumerist culture, through the recovery of objects and materials. The pop and abstract language of Maria Donata Bitondo, Doriam Battaglia, Maurizio Chiaravalli, Luca Macchiavelli, Giuliano Malimpensa, and Alberto Baj thus finds hospitality and freedom of expression in the laboratory.