In the modern world, efficiency and effectiveness are essential for the success of any business. With our consulting and technical assistance service, we not only guide you through the organization and definition of business processes, but we also ensure that your company achieves maximum operational efficiency.

Our experience in managing resource development, infrastructure, and change planning ensures that your company is always one step ahead. Moreover, with our expertise in developing and integrating management systems, we help you obtain the necessary certifications and accreditations to stand out in the market. Our consulting service is a comprehensive package that covers management systems, authorizations, regulations, and technical assistance for processes and products.


To ensure that your company is always at the top, we offer:

  • Organization and definition of business processes focused on achieving operational effectiveness and efficiency and Business Continuity;
  • Development of resources and infrastructure, planning and management of change, internal training, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction;
  • Development and integration of Management Systems, customer-supplier qualification programs, certifications, and accreditations according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 17025; ISO 22716, GMP-EFfCI, Reg.1223/2009, Health Canada, FDA, UNI PdR 125, SA8000, ISO 14064, UNI ISO 30415


In multiple industries and personal services, compliance is crucial. Here's how we can help you:
  • Safety assessment of cosmetic products (CPSR, PIF, and CPNP registration), food, supplements, and medical devices;
  • claims and labeling verification, cosmetic vigilance assistance to ensure that your products are compliant;
  • Accurate registration of ingredients, ensuring transparency and trust to your customers;
  • Focused safety and efficacy tests (challenge test, patch test, SPF, in-use test, etc.) to ensure product quality;
  • Chemical-physical tests on raw materials, finished product, and packaging;
  • Rigorous control of quality and processes, always maintaining high standards;
  • R&D – ideation, planning, and management of research projects, to take your ideas to the next level.


Every company needs a reliable partner. Here's how we take care of you:
  • Formulation Assistance – technical support from the development of new formulations to the redesign of existing ones, starting from the evaluation of raw material performance;
  • Technical Support for non-conforming/complaints investigations and management
  • Study and development of process improvement plans, always ensuring maximum performance;
  • Detailed analysis of non-conformity cases and implementation of corrective actions;
  • CAPA plan management assistance on customer audit and certifications, to ensure they are always up to date.


ABJ SISTEMI is not just a division, but the historical core of the HBJ Group. With a deep specialization in cosmetic and chemical consulting, we focus on quality and certifications.

Our 360° vision allows us to offer assistance at every stage: from corporate positioning to research and development, through regulatory compliance to the management of various business operational processes quality. Our dedication is reflected in our commitment to meet every single qualification and product control requirement of our clients, respecting the ethical principles of the company and services to the person.